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Mt. Vista Experience

Three approaches to one great ride



Alternative Bicycle Experience

Complete your tour into the Park by getting off the bus at the Mt. Vista rest area, where a bicycle will be waiting for you.  Enjoy the 12 mile primarily downhill ride to your hotel and breathe in the fresh air and supreme beauty of Denali National Park.

Hike and Bike

Take the free front country shuttle or your tour bus to the Savage River rest area.  Hike the stunning 4 mile Savage River Alpine trail to the Mt. Vista rest area. A bike will be waiting for you to complete your experience with the 12 mile ride down to the park entrance and your hotel and dining beyond.


Front Country Shuttle

Leave your car at the visitor center and take the free front country shuttle bus.  The shuttle will drop you off at Savage River for a hike and bike or Mt.Vista for the bike out option.  With your Bike Denali reservation, a bike will be waiting for you at the Mt. Vista rest area. Relax and enjoy your ride.